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FEARLESS & PEERLESS. Review: Red Lights - Lola Demo

Two seconds in on track one and that voice.   One part velvet, one part sandpaper, a wounded howl or a tender kiss.  Back in the garage with her bullshit detector flicking into the red, Erika Bach brings us her sixteenth (or maybe twentieth) Lola Demo album - but who’s counting. They keep coming like incendiary bombs and stand tall, proud and brave, like a country invaded. If you already know her work, the quality will come as no surprise. If you don’t know, where the hell have you been for all these years?  Ten tracks, beautifully constructed and produced but organic and not contrived. Guitars that are just this side of dirty and then can split your temples like angle grinders or air raid sirens. A siren indeed. The theme may be dark throughout:   look at the world right now, showing its inhumanity and overbearing draconian power but “come with me, darling”, Erika beckons. And we trust her.  With a vocal range to die for but never shoved in your face, every track is a gem. Some shi